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Starting Your Research

Here are some things to keep in mind:

• After deciding on a research topic and reading your class materials on creating a historiography, use the library to look for works on your topic.  Books will be especially important, but you will also use research journal articles. 

• You can request, for free, books and article from other libraries around the country.  Use the links in the "Be Ready to Place Requests" box to set up your accounts.

• Take note of any authors and titles you see a lot.  If a lot of authors are mentioning them, they are likely important to the study of your topic.  Always look at the bibliographies and notes of your souces.  Use Citation Linker to find specific articles; use the book catalogs and article databases to find other works by a particular author.  Many article databases provide you with the number of times an article has been cited by other journals in the database. Google Scholar also tells you how many times a book or article has been cited.

• Book reviews can help you understand an author's point of view and how the author fits into the body of literature about your topic.  See the Book Reviews tab for a list of book review databases.

• Author/editor biographies can help you understand who or what influenced an author and what kind of historian s/he is.  See the Author Biographies tab to learn how to find them.

• Keep notes on your research, especially on how you found your sources. This will help you find more resources like them, and will also give you a place to make notes of important themes.

• You may be looking at a huge number of sources when you start your research.  But, you will begin to narrow down your sources once you have a list of those works and authors cited most often.

Be Ready to Save Citations

Use Zotero, a Firefox download, to keep track of your sources, write notes, and create bibliographies in Chicago/Turabian style. There are many other citation management tools available and you are free to use any that you like. The Library offers formal support on Zotero only.

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