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COVID-19 & Remote Learning Resources

This is a guide to provide you links to reliable information including library services and hours.

In this Guide


Welcome to Dominican University’s COVID19 Informational Guide. Here you will find information on where to find coronavirus (COVID19) facts and updates as well as some Dominican specific information.

We have also included information on what we should do to protect ourselves and others, why we should take protective measures, using the Library from home  and resources for getting financial, or other, aid

We highly encourage to Dominican community members to regularly check your email for up to date announcements regarding DU and COVID-19 or visit:


The CDC has issued guidelines asking that everyone wear cloth face coverings when going out to places where they cannot guarantee maintaining appropriate distance (6ft), such as a pharmacy or grocery store.

(Illinois also now requires that everyone wear face coverings when going out places where they cannot maintain appropriate physical distance of 6 feet.)

They have also provided information on how to make yourself a cloth mask. See the video below.

Finally, there are right and wrong ways to use a mask. See this WikiHow article, co-authored by the World Health Organization, for information on how to put on and take off your mask.

For a cohesive overview of the new CDC guidelines, why they have changed, and how to use a mask correctly, please see this SciShow video from YouTube.