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Multilingual Glossary for Today’s Library Users

Understanding library jargon can be difficult for anyone who is not a regular user of the library. The difficulty of understanding library terms is compounded for English as a second-language (ESL) speakers who must process these specialized terms in a language that is not their native one. This Multilingual Glossary is designed to assist ESL speakers, as well as the librarians who work with them. It consists of commonly used terms in academic libraries today.

The Glossary is divided into two parts:

(1) the Language Table, which presents a list of these terms in seven languages, and

(2) the Definitions, which give explanations in English for each of the terms.

"Multilingual Glossary for Today’s Library Users." ACRL's Instruction Section, ACRL, May 2018. Accessed 25 Sept. 2018.