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Library Teaching Internship

Learn about the library teaching internship, in partnership with SOIS

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About the Internship

This internship is intended for any SOIS student with an interest in academic libraries or teaching/presenting in any library setting. It is not necessary that candidates have prior teaching experience.  

SOIS students interested in developing their teaching and presenting abilities will be mentored and supported by Rebecca Crown Library instruction librarians as they develop the ability to create new instructional content, gain confidence in teaching, and learn best practices of teaching in a library setting in order to gain the necessary skills and experience to successfully provide information literacy instruction.  

In the fall semester, interns will observe and assist librarians teaching a variety of classes and will have the opportunity to teach or co-teach a “one-shot” class and develop an original workshop. In the spring semester, interns will use the skills developed during fall to teach information literacy workshops for foundations courses, a minimum of one “one-shot” class, and other teaching opportunities based on interest and availability. Other duties and opportunities throughout the internship will include developing webinars, tutorials, or creating other multi-media content, assessing student learning, promotion and marketing.

Interns are hired during the end of the spring semester. Check the Current Job Openings to see the postion posting and to apply.

Internship Mission

The teaching internship fulfills the teaching demand of the Rebecca Crown Library while it offers an opportunity for Dominican University SOIS students in the MLIS program to prepare for careers in library instruction by participating in the development of lesson plans, teaching programmatic curriculum, reflecting on their own teaching, and acting as future-colleagues within the instruction department. Teaching interns are mentored by instruction librarians as they develop their teaching philosophy and pedagogical practice. In the Spring Semester, interns have full responsibility for two sections of LIB 102 including communication with teaching faculty, instruction, grading, and communication with students. Interns will achieve independence in teaching and professional practice by the end of the academic year which culminates in a final presentation and self-evaluation. Using ongoing self-reflection and feedback on their work, interns will create their own teaching philosophy.