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How it Works

An environemental scan of North American Catholic newspapers is completed to determine what newspapers exist, where they are located, and the extent of the holdings and formats.  In Summer 2012 a test run was completed and over 800 found.  The scan will result into a completed directory that is fully searchable and accessible online.  The CRRA, also, encourages individual and collaborative digitization of twelve priority papers, and idenitification of repository options. 

Catholic Press

Newspapers are Still Important

Newspapers often provide a missing Catholic dimension to many trends, issues, and questions about American Life.  They include vital information about positions on anti-communism, abolition, and slavery, women's suffrage, immigration restriction, American imperial adventures in the Philippines, and the New Deal and labor unions.  The bad news is many of these newspapers are difficult to access.  The full runs can be scattered across different institutions, holdings can remain hidden, and if they are found they are rarely available digitally.  The CRRA is poised to carry out its plan to locate, identify, document, locate, preserve, and digitize these important resources.