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Google: Better Searching

Top 10 Search Tips

Make your Google searches more effective and efficient.

1. Use key words instead of a question or sentence. Google uses all the words in your query to find results and using only the most important words will get you better results.

  • Try: Political cartoons Bernie Sanders

  • Not: Examples of  some political cartoons about Bernie Sanders.

2. Use quotation marks around your search terms to search for an exact phrase. This will eliminate results that have just one of your search terms.

  • "intentional community"

3. Use OR between your search terms to find web pages that include either one of your search terms.

  • bicycles OR bicyclists

  • climate change OR global warming

4. Add a - (minus sign) before a word to exclude results that use that word.

  • Paris -France

5. Use * (the asterisk) to find one or more  missing words.

  • Electricity was discovered by * and *

6.  Search for results from a specific site

  • "Black Lives Matter"

7. Search for results from  a specific domain

  • car safety site:gov

8. Exclude all results from a specific web site

  • festival

9. Search for a range of numbers using ... (an ellipsis)

  • "underground music" 1990...1995

10. Find web pages with all of your search terms in the title of the page by using allintitle: before your search

  • allintitle:most controversial political cartoons

Find more search tips on Google's Advanced Search page. This page also makes it easier to combine several of the search tips above.

Or, after getting your search results, click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of the results page, and select Advanced Search.

Google's Advanced Search

Find Facts Quickly

Need a stock quote, sports score, or flight arrival time?

Want to quickly convert units of measure or currency?

  • You can do all that right in the Google search box! Use Tip 5: Find Quick Answers from these Google tips and tricks.

Find Information on a Web Page Quickly

Have you ever clicked on a web page in your search results and been unable to find the information you're looking for on the page?

The information you need is there, it's just not at the top of the page or easy to see.

  • Use Control F (Command F on Macs) to get a search box where you can enter the words you're looking for.