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Use this guide for help in your Criminology courses and assignments.

Recommended Databases

Criminology Periodicals

Click on the link below to browse a list of all Dominican's criminology journals.  Choose Social Sciences in the Browse menu, then scroll down to Social Welfare & Social Work.  Look for the Criminology, Penology and Juvenile Delinquency sub-category.

Search for Articles

Using NexisUni for Supreme Court Cases

Supreme Court Case Research

Use the database LexisNexis (from the Library’s A-Z List of databases)

·      Under the “search” tab select “legal”

Finding the case:

  • From the left column, select “Federal & State Cases”

  • Under the “sources” drop-down list, select “U.S. Supreme Court Cases, Lawyer’s Edition”

  • Enter the case name in the “____ v. _____” boxes

  • Search

  • Make sure your results (citation) match entirely

Finding law reviews:

  • From the left column, select “Law Reviews”

  •  In the  “Search terms” box, enter the name of the case using quotation marks around the title (try the search with and without the citation for varying results)

  • Search

  • Using the drop-down, sort the list by “Relevance”