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Use this guide for help in your education courses and assignments.

Information About Tests

These resources contain information on and reviews of tests and measures, but do not contain the actual tests.

Tests in PsycTESTS

Search PsycTESTS

PsycTESTS contains tests, but not the full text of articles in which the tests were used.  Use the limiters on the search screen to find very specific tests.  You may want to limit by Age Group, as shown in the image below.

A picture of the limiters box, Age Group, in PsycTest with Childhood (birth-12yrs) selected.

All results in your list will be tests.

Look in the Test Child Records field to find citations for research studies/articles that used the test.  You can look for the study/article in Dominican's databases.

Tests in ERIC

Search ERIC

Journal articles may contain the full text of the tests the authors used. To find tests on a specific subject, use the Publication Type limiter on the ERIC search page and highlight Tests/Questionnaires. 

A picture of the Publication Type limiter with Test/Questions selected.

Then type your keywords in the search boxes at the top of the page. 

The articles in your results list will contain tests in their appendices, so make sure you look at the PDF full text.  You can limit your results to only those with full text.


Tests in PsycINFO

Search PscyINFO

Journal articles may contain the full text of the tests the authors used. To find specific studies or studies whose titles contain a particular keyword or construct, use the Tests and measures search option toward the bottom of the search screen. 

PsycINFO will look for your term in the Tests & Measures (TM) line of an article description.  Adding appended tells PsycINFO that the test or measure itself must be included with the article.

In the full record of an article, look for [Appended] in the Tests & Measures line.

View the full text of the article for test or measurement.

Tests in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

Search ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

Tests are often included in appendices of dissertations.  The authors may have created their own tests, or used a previously published test.  Search for test OR questionnaire OR scale and choose Abstract - AB from the dropdown menu to the right.  Then and add your topic keywords and search..

Image demonstrating the search boxes in Advanced Search option

In addition to test, questionnaire or scale, you can try searching for scale, measurement, assessment and any other appropriate synonyms.

You may also want to limit your search to only Full Text.

You will then to look at the appendices of the full text to see if the test is included.

Print Resources

Some of these are intended for use by psychologist, but may be useful to you.  You can request books from other I-Share libraries using your 14-digit Dominican student ID #.  Each book may not contain the full text of every test it describes.