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Citation Styles: Bluebook

Bluebook Citations

The Bluebook

This is the style manual used to cite legal documents. The information below will show you how to correctly cite cases, statutes, and periodic materials using the Bluebook style. For further information regarding Bluebook citations see The Georgetown Guide or The Suffolk Guide

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Basic Formats & Examples

Case Citation


First Party ∙ v. ∙ Second Party, ∙  Reporter Volume Number ∙ Reporter Abbreviations  ∙ First Page of Case, ∙ Specific page(s) Referred to ∙  (Date of Decisions).


Esteban Martinez v. Illinois, 572 U.S. 1, 3 (2014).

Statutory Citation


Official Name of Act, ∙ U.S.C. Title Number ∙ Abbreviation of Code Cited ∙ Section Symbols* §§  ∙ Span of Sections Containing Statute ∙ (Date of Code Edition Cited).

*§ (Go to symbol. Choose Special Characters and choose the section symbol.)


Adult Education and Family Literacy. 20 U.S.C. §§ 9201-9276 (1998).

Periodical Materials


Author’s Full Name ∙ Title of Article, ∙ Journal Number ∙ Abbreviation of Journal ∙ Page on which article begins ∙ Span of specific pages cited ∙ (Date of Publication) (Parenthetical Describing Content of Pages Cited).


Ted Cruz, Limits on the Treaty Power, 127 Harvard L. Rev. 93, 93-121 (2013). (an argument for maintaining the division of powers in regards to treaties).

Periodical Materials from Non-Consecutively Paginated Articles


Author’s Full Name, ∙ Title of Article, ∙ Name of Newspaper, ∙ Date of publication, ∙ at First Page of the Article.


Matt Krantz, Health Law Hit by New Blame, USA Today, May 9 2014, at 1.

These examples were modeled using The Bluebook Eighteenth Edition. 


For further information please consult The Bluebook: a uniform system of citation 19th ed. located behind the reference desk on the first floor of the library. This is a non-circulating resource.