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Physician Assistant Systematic Review

Where to Search

Journal Databases: You will want to search multiple databases. Some of these databases will include full-text articles, others will be just the citation and abstract information. For the latter, you can use the Library resources to find the article or request it through interlibrary loan. 

Grey Literature: Once you have searched the published literature, you will also want to search for studies that have not gone through the traditional publication process. There are online tools to help you find these resources. 

Hand Searching: After you have searched the databases, you may find journals that are particularly relevant to your search. You will want to search through these journals "page by page". If the Library owns the journal, you can conduct this search by browsing the Journals under the "Select a Journal by Title or Subject" feature on the Library Homepage. 

Citation Mining: Once you have identified an article that meets your inclusion/exclusion criteria, you will want to look at their reference lists to find other relevant articles that you have missed with your initial searches. 

Protocols and Research in Progress: Research that is still in progress could also be relevant to your review. You can find information on this research in protocol registries.