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Physician Assistant Systematic Review

Hand Searching

Handsearching is the manual process of searching specified journals (journals that you have identified as particularly relevant through your database searches) to find relevant materials that you may have missed with your initial search. 


It is particularly important to Handsearching for systematic reviews because it: 

  • Locates relevant articles that were poorly indexed or unindexed in databases
  • Lets you scan content quickly from high-impact journals
  • Ensures that relevant articles are not missed. 

For more information go to the HLWIKI International Wiki.

HandSearching with Databases

You can replicate HandSearching online by browsing issues of journals found in databases. 

To find a Journal on the Library Website:

  1. Go to the Library homepage on the Articles and Database tab
  2. Click the Select a Journal by Title or Subject button. 
  3. Search for a journal title in the search box.
  4. Select the holding that contains the year the article is published in
  5. Select the first year that meets your inclusion requirements and browse through the published articles.