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Resources about Fred Hampton

This page contains resources on Fred Hampton's life and work that are available from the Rebecca Crown Library and online. 

Fred Hampton: "You Can Jail A Revolutionary, But You Can't Jail A Revolution"

From the 1971 documentary film 'The Murder of Fred Hampton', featuring an excerpt from a speech by Brother Fred Hampton, in which he emphasizes his political views and priorities. Brother Hampton was deputy chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party and was killed in his apartment on December 4th 1969 by the KKK aka FBI and the Chicago Police Department.

Fred Hampton - Black Revolutionary - You Can't Kill the Revolution

Collection of clips featuring Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Chicago Black Panther Party, gunned down by police while he was sleeping in his bed on December 4, 1969.

Courtroom Speech on Capitalism and Solidarity

Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, assassinated in 1969 by Chicago police, explains how the ruling class uses racism to exploit working people.

Black Panthers and Young Patriots

Additional Information: 

"The (Original) Rainbow Coalition"


Books about Fred Hampton