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Resources for Education Workshop

A depository for resources discussed in the Fall 2019 Resources for Education Workshop

The Scholarly Conversation

The scholarly conversation is the existing research that pertains to a specific topic. Usually it refers to previously published materials and how they have influenced research or thought on the topic. When you begin researching, you enter into that conversation to find out what is already being said, and to form your own argument. 


How do you know what is being said about a particular scholarly conversation? Following citations in sources and additional research to help you follow the scholarly conversation.

Follow the Citations!

When you find a useful article or book, use the bibliography (or references) to find other sources.  For example, if you're looking for the 4th article below, try searching for the author(s) (Dougher, M.J.) or the journal that published the article (The Behavior Therapist).  This is a good way to expand your search or to find more sources when you hit a "dead-end". 


You might have to search a few different databases (or try Quick Search from the library homepage).



Some databases list an article's references separately and provides links when available.