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The vitality of a library's collections depends not only upon collection development but also on collection management. In order to enhance the library's value, care must be taken to insure that its collections are properly maintained. One important aspect of this process is the deselection of materials that are no longer relevant to current curricular or research needs and therefore not in support of the University mission or the purpose of the library's collections.

Objectives of Deselection

  • To increase the relevance of the existing collections to current curricular needs
  • To make the most effective use of shelf/library space
  • To maintain collections in acceptable physical condition

Criteria Used in Creating Weeding Lists:

  • Outdated 
  • Ubiquitous (everyone has it)
  • Is readily available through Interlibrary Loan
  • Ephemeral (fleeting interest)
  • Little or no circulation

Titles on the current weeding lists were selected for deselection after a collection analysis was completed.  The analysis included a comparison to peer and aspirant universities and comparison to authoritative collection development lists.  An overview of the collection analysis is available below if you would like further information on the project.

Keeping a title currently on a Weeding List

If you are interested in keeping a title on a weeding list, please download the subject weeding list, highlight the titles you would like retained and indicate if you would like the title to remain in the library collection or if you would like it for your personal collection. Please send the highlighted list to with the subject Keep.  Deselection will begin on June 3rd. Please email the lists of titles you would like retained by May 31st.