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This is a Guide to Kanopy, a video streaming service available to you for free through Dominican University


Welcome to Kanopy

Kanopy is a streaming service that partners with public libraries and universities to offer entertainment at no additional fee to the user or without the interruptions of commercials!

Kanopy films operates under a Patron Driven Acquisitions model. This means that the library has access to a large collection of titles, but purchases only the titles that the users actually use. Once a film has been viewed three times ( a view is considered 30 seconds), the library will be billed for that title and will have unlimited streaming access to the film for a 1 year period.

Logging in

Before we get started, it should be noted that you do not need to signup or log into Kanopy. You can hit the "Skip" button, illustrated below, to opt out of creating an account:


A benefit to creating an account is that you can curate a playlist and, after you've completed your time with Dominican University, it will follow you if you go to another university that subscribes to Kanopy:



You can also manage your memberships with other libraries through your own account.

After creating your preferred login method, you can review your credentials under “My Membership”. Your account can be linked to multiple libraries that offer Kanopy. For more information, click here




Mediated Access

Mediated Access

Dominican University utilizes a Mediated Access model with Kanopy. Which means the university has the ability to make Kanopy available to our community while managing the costs. Faculty, staff, and students will often have immediate access to all films that the library has licensed. However, you might encounter a Request Form if you select a video that we do not currently have access to. Using the form, you may request access to any movie that you need for academic purposes. See the box below for more information about the Request Form.

Request Form

When you submit a request form, a librarian will review and approve or reject the request. Please note that a request may be denied based on existing funds. Approval will also be dependent on justifiable academic need & available funds. 


The Request Form will look like this:


Mobile Apps

Technical Help

Creating Clips and Playlists

Kanopy Support