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Money Smart Week

Learn about ways you can be more financially literatte.


The inundation of online resources on personal finance can be overwhelming, especially when you are just beginning. We selected some websites that will help you get started on deepening your understanding of your personal finances and goals so that you can continue on your path to financial literacy.

  • Investopedia is an online resource dedicated to all things finance. They make financial concepts easy to digest with help from their online dictionary and wide variety of educational articles. Be sure to check out their page on Financial Literacy
  • NerdWallet provides tools such as budget worksheets, saving calculators, and  guides on credit cards, loans, banking, and more to ensure that you make well-informed financial decisions.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government run bureau that creates and enforces federal consumer financial laws. They work to make sure that products available to the public are fair and transparent. Additionally, they provide online resources such as FAQs, guides to financial decisions, and a financial well-being questionnaire that can help empower you to reach your future financial goals.