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Statement from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) empowers individual members of the Dominican community in their efforts to create a just and humane campus; ODEI is dedicated to assisting the community in discovering how to live together, inclusively. The goal of the ODEI is to extend the benefits of diversity to all members of the Dominican community by working to equip students, faculty and staff for responsible global citizenship. ODEI's goals and mission are supported by the values of caring and compassion, welcoming and hospitality, confidentially and acceptance, fairness, continuous improvement and periodic review.

The office, led by the Chief Diversity Officer, will:

  • Promote the development of unified strategies to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Work collaboratively to leverage the assets and allies needed to support and empower multicultural students, faculty and staff;
  • Monitor and assess Dominican University’s policies, procedures, governance regimes, and professional practices to ensure that they are inclusive, equitable and culturally competent;
  • Work to ensure that the Dominican community is free from sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination; and
  • Work collaboratively to ensure that all bias related behavior based on race, gender, sex, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, nationality and immigration status is challenged and extinguished.

Statement taken from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

An Excerpt from Rebecca Crown Library's Mission Statement

In harmony with the University Mission to pursue truth, give compassionate service and contribute to a more just and humane world, the mission of the RCL mandates the academic support of students, faculty and staff for specific resources and services....Faculty librarians teach information literacy across colleges in keeping with our information literacy mission stating "all Dominican students approach research with curiosity and confidence." As the university strives to expand and aspires to become a premier academic institution, the library must reflect and support those goals. Key values of librarianship that are practiced in our teaching include advocating for intellectual freedom and privacy, advocating against censorship, providing access to information that represents a wide range of perspectives, collaboration, collegiality, inclusivity, and respect.

Faculty librarians ensure that the library is a welcoming space for Dominican students. Student engagement has been an important focus as the faculty librarians plan for the new learning commons. Active and inclusive learning pedagogy are essential to library instruction sessions.

Excerpts taken from the RCL's Mission Statement, dated 2019.