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Activism & Protesting

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Asian American studies-LibGuide

African American Studies LibGuide

Anti-Racism LibGuide featuring pictures of Martin Luther King, James Baldwin, and Jazz artists

Destress Libguide-featuring artwork that is focused on relaxing the mind

Transgender & Non-Conforming students LibGuide-pictures of people marching and waving the Trans pride flag

Native American Studies LibGuide-historic landmarks and person photographed, alongside Native American art

Food history LibGuide-photographs featuring different vegetables and an artwork of a vegetable man

Evaluating Information LibGuide-Various artworks featuring social media logos

COVID-19 resources LibGuide-Artwork of a diverse group of people wearing masks and showing the medical side of covid

Black Lives Matter LibGuide-Several photos and an artwork of people protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Juneteenth LibGuide-2 old black and white photographs of Black enslaved people and an old 'Military Orders" document

Latine experience LibGuide- 1 photograph of the Chicano Power movement and 2 artworks in support Latine culture

Dia de los Muertos LibGuide- 2 women pose with painted faces (calavera/skull makeup) and 1 artwork of two dancing skeletons

DACA & Undocumented students LibGuide- Photos and artwork in support of immigration