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Use this guide for help in your business courses and assignments.

Google Scholar or Library Database?

Google Scholar allows you to search for journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, technical reports, court opinions and other scholarly literature in a wide variety of academic disciplines.

BUT, Google Scholar is not limited to peer-reviewed articles.

  • If your assignment requires peer-reviewed articles, use one of the Crown Library databases to be sure that your sources are peer-reviewed.

AND, Google Scholar does not provide full-text for all search results.  

  • Often, you may only see an abstract or summary of an article and be required to pay for the full text.  
  • Do not pay for articles you find in Google Scholar!
  • Bring the article citation to a librarian and we'll help you find out if we have access to the full text at no cost to you, or help you find another article in one of our full text databases.

Connect Google Scholar to DU Databases

How to fact check everything!

Check out this brief video to get a better understanding of how to fact check or verify information that you find online.

Recommended Websites

Website Directories

These sites that have been pre-evaluated for their accuracy and currency by librarians.