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Jean Baptiste Point du Sable and Black History in Chicago

Black history in Chicago is deep and rich, notably beginning in recorded text in 1780 when Jean Baptiste Point DuSable became the first non-indigenous settler of the area. Unfortunately, much is lost about DuSable's early life, as the ravages of enslavement destroyed the possibility of living documents related to his upbringing. Still, DuSable represents Chicago's Black roots in the city, and his legacy was powerful enough for Chicago to be a popular relocation for freed-peoples and those who escaped enslavement. 

DuSable was revered and respected among the populations he worked with to develop plans for Chicago. He collaborated with Potawatomi and Europeans to design a successful city on Lake Michigan. Black roots in Chicago have created a cultural hotspot, despite centuries of Euro-American attempts to oppress Black populations. His story, among many others, comprise Chicago's history. Learn more about DuSable and other mighty historical figures by attending events and festivities in the Chicagoland area this Juneteenth. Navigate to the next page to see what's planned near you!