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Juneteenth BBQ-- This event will take place on June 19th at the The DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center. Interested parties should register at the link, and will enjoy food, festivities, music, horseback riding, and the opportunity to explore exhibits related to Chicago's Black history. 

1865 Fest-- Three day celebration in Garfield Park (June 17-19). Events, festivities, and opportunities include honoring Black veterans, educational sessions, and live music. 

Market Day-- The Juneteenth Market is a pop up market celebrating black business in Chicago. It will take place on Monday June 19th at the Promontory in Hyde Park. The marketplace will feature various business and industries from beauty to fashion. Food vendors will be on site. 

Hyde Park Juneteenth Fest--  HHOH in collaboration with Silver Room, Connect Gallery and Lululemon will be filling Hyde Park with performances, dance classes, food and fun. Join us and connect your brand or service with the community.