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With his engaging stage presence and storytelling acuity, Shelem entertains as he debunks the right brain/left brain myth by describing how his innovative and creative processes as a civil engineer and as a hip-hop artist are similar and are both connected to his love of puzzles. He details the process of problem solving for one of his engineering jobs and then describes the similar process of writing lyrics for his popular hip-hop song “Suga Wata.” As he breaks down his creative process, he also sings the song for the audience.

Elanor Huntington argues that now more than ever we need engineers – as they are the ones who bring together people, technology and society, if only engineers could do better at explaining what they do. A compelling talk that argues that not only do we need to redefine engineering, we must also encourage a broader participation in the field, if we are going to be prepared for the future.

Learn how to find excitement in our everyday surroundings, and how large problems can be solved with just a little curiosity.

Environmental Engineering student and feminist Linnea Engstrom is pursuing a career in humanitarian engineering, a predominantly male field. In her talk, she shares her fascinating projects, explains the importance of having diversity in science, and inspires young girls to play a part in all aspects of STEM.