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This guide has resources and tools for research and study in informatics.

Health Informatics

Books & Beyond

  • Data Sets from the CDC: Find data sets on a plethora of health topics and issues, as well as videos put together by the CDC on using health data and building data visualizations.
  • Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx): The GHDx is a data catalog supported by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation that lists primary and secondary data and research results with a focus on health-related datasets.
  • Global Health Observatory, World Health Organization: "The Global Health Observatory (GHO) is WHO's portal providing access to data and analyses for monitoring the global health situation. It provides critical data and analyses for key health themes, as well as direct access to the full database. The GHO presents data from all WHO programmes and provides links to supporting information."
  • National Center for Health Statistics: A project of the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), you can find timely and accurate health statistics for the United States here. 
  • National Information Center on Health Services Research & Health Care Technology (NICHSR): The National Institute of Health's National Library of Medicine hosts this resource, including common data sets for health topics, the NIH's medical history archive, and information on finding and using up to date health statistics.