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Political Science

This guide contains helpful resources to students of political science.


Banner image: a photo of the U.S. Capitol building with "Political Science" overlayed in white text.

What is Political Science?

"Political science majors study how and why societies choose to organize themselves in different ways. Topics for study range from why Plato advocated for a republic as the purest form of government to the political, economic, and social implications of the Untied States' trade imbalance with China."

Dominican University. Department of Political Science.


What can I find within this LibGuide?

Within this guide you can find helpful resources to expand your knowledge as a student of political science and to aid in your research as you progress through your degree. Both Political Science majors and International Relations and Diplomacy majors within Dominican University's Department of Political Science will find this guide useful. Please click on the quick links above to view different types of resources that are available in Dominican's Rebecca Crown Library and from other lending institutions in Illinois. The links on the left will take you to different subject areas within the discipline. If you have any questions, please enter them in the Ask Us chat box on the lower left corner of this page and a librarian will assist you.

Do politics make us irrational? - Jay Van Bavel