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Wikipedia: Editing and Contributing

Learn the basics about editing and contributing to Wikipedia.


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What is an Edit-A-Thon?

"An edit-a-thon (sometimes written editathon) is an event where editors of online communities such as WikipediaOpenStreetMap (also as a "mapathon"), and LocalWiki edit and improve a specific topic or type of content. The events typically include basic editing training for new editors and may be combined with a more general social meetup. The word is a portmanteau of "edit" and "marathon". An edit-a-thon can either be "in-person" or online or a blended version of both. If it is not in-person, it is usually called a "virtual edit-a-thon" or "online edit-a-thon"."

--Information from Wikipedia

Prominent Edit-A-Thons & Editing Efforts