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Zines: A practical guide

Curious about zines? Explore this libguide to learn more about them and even get started making your own!

How To

"[M]aking your first zine can be a formative experience. It can be a reason to ask yourself: What do I have to say? And to give yourself the permission to say it." (Sarah Burke, 2018)

Zines can be about anything. They can be serious or silly, long or short. A zine can just be a collection of images or a series of essays. The only real limitation is your imagination--but that amount of freedom can make it hard to know where to start! That's why it's so important to remember that your zine should be about something you feel passionately about--like the Sarah Burke quote above, this is a way for you to express yourself. Cheesy as it may sound: listen to your heart!

If you're still having trouble figuring out where to begin with your zine, take a look at some of the prompts below--maybe answering those questions will help inspire you!

  • Is there a particular issue affecting people today you believe is not getting the attention it deserves?
  • Is there a person in your life who deserves recognition? Who are they? Tell us why they should be celebrated.
  • Is there a figure or event you feel passionate about or inspired by that has gone unnoticed? Tell us about them.
  • Are there any works of art (paintings, poems, comics, music, movies, etc.) you think deserve more attention? What are they? Tell us or share your own works!
  • What is a status-quo in life that you reject or embrace? Why?
  • Who or what is inspiring you right now?

Remember, your zine doesn't have to be in response to any of these--they're just here to help get your creative juices flowing! Good luck out there, intrepid zinester, and stop by the WeatherTech Innovation Lab if you have questions or just want some space to work on getting your zine tofgether.


Gather your materials. Fold your zine hotdog style