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Presenting: Presentations

Slideshow Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint - So popular that we frequently refer to slideshows as 'PowerPoints', this is a great tool for creating an effective slideshow. Dominican Students have access to a Microsoft 365 subscription through the University and can use PowerPoint through Microsoft's online portal or by downloading the desktop app.

Google Slides - A great web-based alternative to PowerPoint, best of all it's free!

Prezi - Prezi offers some really cool interactive options for your presentations, there is a free version of the program--however, to access all of Prezi's features, you do need to purchase a subscription (Student and Educator subscriptions are heavily discounted though!)



How can the Innovation Lab help?

Have any questions or need a hand getting something in your presentation to work? Stop by the Weathertech Innovation Lab, located on the first floor of the Rebecca Crown Library--we're open M-F from 10am to 4pm!

You can also reach us by emailing

Putting the Show back in Slideshow

Slideshows often bring to mind cluttered or repetitive slides slowly being moved through by a speaker who doesn't feel terribly confident in their presentation--but it doesn't have to be this way! The Weathertech Innovation Lab is here to help get your creative juices flowing and put the Show back in your Slideshows.

Alexei Kapterev's "Death by Slideshow".... slideshow is a humorous way to get yourself started thinking about what makes for a good presentation. He offers many useful tips and considerations--we definitely recommend checking it out!

Best Practices Tips:

  • YOU are the Presentation, your Slideshow is just your visual aid
  • KISS Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Too much info per slide makes it difficult to recall, limit the number of major points you are conveying on each slide to one or two
  • Too Many Slides? No such thing. It's better to have more slides with fewer objects per slide if you want your audience to be engaged with the information
  • Not a Script If  you are speaking alongside your slideshow, don't read directly from it--as mentioned above, it is a visual aid and not the meat of your presentation

More Resources:

Rebecca Crown Library's Accessibility Libguide - Tips to ensure your work is accessible to anybody

Critical Reading, Writing, & Speaking Series - Advice on how to collect and vet sources for your presentation

Weathertech Innovation Lab's At Home Recording Libguide - Learn how to record higher quality audio to really liven up your presentations!

Harvard Business Review - A collection of various articles and guides to help you make the most of your presentations

Purdue OWL's Visual Rhetoric - A great source for learning how to be more deliberate with your choices of color, font, composition, and more!