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Presenting: Presentations

A Picture and One Thousand Words

Video presentations are an excellent way to spice up your work--they can create a more engaging experience for your audience by giving them, quite literally, a human face to connect with. But putting yourself in front of a camera to present can be intimidating! Fear not, we've collected various tips and guides here to help you create a video presentation you are confident in and proud of!

Best Practices Tips:

  • No Excess Noise - be sure to silence your phone, turn off the TV, unplug your alarm clock, respectfully ask your pet to keep quiet, and take whatever other steps necessary to ensure you will be able to record with minimal interruptions from unexpected sounds.
  • Speak Up - It's important that you be heard! Be sure that you are enunciating your words clearly and projecting your voice so that it is clearly picked up by your microphone. Consider doing some vocal warmups before you begin your presentation--and make sure you have some water nearby if your throat starts getting dry!
  • Design For Video - If you will be using a visual aid in your presentation, such as a slideshow, make sure that you are leaving space on your designs for where your picture will appear. It doesn't do anyone any good if your wonderfully made slides are obscured by your head!
  • Practice! - No matter how confident you may be feeling, it never hurts to go over everything a time or two before you settle in to present


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