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WeatherTech Innovation Lab

The WeatherTech Innovation Lab (WIL) is both a makerspace in the library and an emerging technologies lab

WeatherTech Innovation Lab


WeatherTech Innovation Lab Mission Statement

To create a collaborative space that encourages curiosity, self-discovery, and community engagement through the conscious, innovative, and ethical use of creative technologies.

About the WeatherTech Innovation Lab

The WeatherTech Innovation Lab (WIL) is both a makerspace and an emerging technologies lab. We believe in bringing together a diverse group of students with interdisciplinary backgrounds and allowing them to create anything. Students are encouraged to stop by to experiment with the tools and equipment in the WIL and to partner with our student-staff to develop creative, collaborative, innovative and entrepreneurial projects. The equipment in the WIL supports 3D printing and scanning; sewing, embroidery, e-textiles and vinyl cutting. Machine learning with circuit board creation and electronic analysis equipment; virtual reality exploration; desktops with Adobe Suite, CAD and modeling software; and craft supplies, robotics, circuit and STEM kits for K-12 instruction. The WIL is open to students, faculty, and staff and is located in Crown 110 next to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Learning Commons in the Rebecca Crown Library.

The WIL provides resources and technology for graphic design, video, audio, and image editing, web development, and 3D modeling. Experienced student technology specialists assist our users with their creative endeavors. WIL is supported by students for students. If you’d like to join our team, visit our student employment page

What is a makerspace and why make one?

A makerspace is a community space that empowers users to experiment and create DIY items with the equipment that is provided. Our Innovation Lab is the defining makerspace on Dominican's campus.

Making is the act of using materials and tools to create or alter an item. This can be as simple as patching up your clothes or as complex as creating a 3D figurine. There can be a variety of reasons why someone makes, whether it is to improve their own DIY skills, to create practical items for their own use, or to do basic repairs on their clothing or other items.

The task of introducing a makerspace to a library involves rethinking what a library can or should be. For us at the Rebecca Crown Library, it expands upon the library's learning and research mission by going beyond the exchange and consumption of information into knowledge-driven creation. "From consumers to creators": the power of the Innovation Lab is found when shared knowledge creates new knowledge. Through sharing space, materials, time, experimentation, and expertise, a new community is formed. A community of innovators.

Upcoming Workshops

Most events do not require advance registration, but if you want to register, visit EngageDU to sign up!