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About Us

Mission Statement

Aligned with the University Mission to pursue truth, provide compassionate service, and contribute to a more just and humane world, the mission of Rebecca Crown Library is to offer academic support to students, faculty, and staff through tailored resources and services. Our dedicated staff curate resources and deliver services to actively engage students and faculty in their teaching, research, and learning endeavors. Embracing our information literacy mission, we empower all Dominican students to approach research with curiosity and confidence. As the university continues to grow and aims to excel as a premier academic institution, the library must evolve to reflect and bolster these aspirations. Our teaching and services are grounded in key values of librarianship, including advocacy for intellectual freedom and privacy, opposition to censorship, facilitation of access to diverse perspectives, collaboration, collegiality, inclusivity, and respect.


Statement on Justice, Equity and inclusion
Rebecca Crown Library is dedicated to nurturing an inclusive culture where individuals from diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives are respected and valued. Our library staff are committed to curating diverse information sources and developing programs that reflect this commitment. We prioritize equitable access to our collections, services, and various physical and virtual spaces. Through our educational resources, we aim to advance justice, equity, and inclusion.