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Specialists in the digital humanities from across Oxford University's Bodleian Libraries talk about what this exciting field means to them, and how the use of digital technology in the humanities is allowing whole new fields of research to emerge.

Six professionals in the field of Digital Humanities explain what Digital Humanities mean to them (Stéfan Sinclair - McGill University, Geoffrey Rockwell - University of Alberta, Laura Mandell - Texas A&M University, Bryan Carter - University of Arizona, Claire Clivaz - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Bill Endres - University of Oklahoma).

What are the boundaries of the humanities? What are the new forms of production of knowledge? Professor of Romance Languages & Literature at Harvard Graduate School of Design Jeffrey Schnapp on new forms of knowledge and digital media.

Scholars and researchers from across the globe discuss their experiences with digital humanities in their work and the future of this new and exciting form of scholarship. 

In the post-COVID world, a very important area for education. and research is likely to be Digital Humanities. Students of English Literature should be equipped with new skills in learning and research to survive in the new scenario. This video is an introduction to how you can get ready for it.

This video is the third in the series 'My Digital Humanities'. It features Kenneth Price (University of Nebraska), Elena Pierazzo (Université Grenoble Alpes), Elli Bleeker (University of Antwerp), Patricia Murrieta Flores (University of Chester), and James Cumming (University of Oxford).


Interviews with digital humanists about their new work!

Price Lab Fellow Julie Napolin talks with Jessie Daniels (Prof. of Sociology, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) about her research and writing on internet expressions of racism and white supremacy. They also delve into how Daniels approaches teaching sociology by weaving together analog and digital resources.