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Streaming Services

Information and instruction on the streaming services available through the Rebecca Crown Library at Dominican University

Embedding Videos in Canvas

The Alexander Street database has been integrated into Canvas, making it easy to embed videos into course pages. Follow the instructions below to include videos in modules, assignments, and discussions.

Adding a Video as a Module Item

1. To add a video as a module item in Canvas, begin as you normally would when adding an item such as a new page, assignment, or discussion. Then, choose "External Tool" from the pull-down menu. (See image below.) 

external tool

2. Select Alexander Street from the list of external tools.

3. Next, search for the video you want to embed. (See image below.) 

enter search terms

3. Click on the red "Select this" button and then click on "Add Item" on the external tools box.

Embedding a Video in an Assignment or Discussion

There are two ways to include a video into a Canvas assignment or discussion: by adding a link or by using an embed code. Both methods begin by using the Tools menu on the editing page.

1. Click on the Tools menu, and then select Apps. (See image below.) From here, select Alexander Street. 

tools menu

2. Next, search for the video you want to embed. (See image below.) 

enter search terms

3. If you want to include a hyperlink to the video in your assignment or discussion, click on the red "Select this" button on the left. This will place a link directly into your Canvas edit box.

4. If you want to embed the video itself into your assignment or discussion, click on the grey "View Video" button on the right instead.

5. After you click the "View Video" button, click on the Share tool (see image below) and copy the embed code. (This is the text directly under the words "Via embed code.")

view video

6. Click the X in the upper right corner of the Alexander Street box to return to your Canvas assignment or discussion edit page.

7. Open the HTML Editor view. (See image below.)

html editor

8. Paste the copied embed code into the HTML editor and then save your assignment or discussion.