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Citing HistoryMakers

Citing HistoryMakers

When using The HistoryMakers interviews, please include the following information for proper citation. The exact format used will vary depending on the citation style chosen (e.g., Chicago, APA, etc.) and whether it appears in footnotes or a bibliography. However, the pieces of information described below should always be included in the first citation to the work (subsequent citations may use an abbreviated format):

<Narrator full name> (The HistoryMakers <unique ID>), interviewed by <interviewer full name>, <interview date>, The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. Session <recording session number>, tape <tape number>, story <story order in that tape>, story title.

The Digital Archive lists the citation on the video story page (which you can cut and paste elsewhere), e.g., sample story from Ted Radcliffe. An example of the proper citation for this story from the Digital Archive as seen on that page is as follows:

Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe (The HistoryMakers A2001.062), interviewed by Julieanna L. Richardson, June 16, 2001, The HistoryMakers Digital Archive. Session 1, tape 1, story 6, Ted Radcliffe recalls his earliest memory as a child and his first job in baseball.

For placement on an acknowledgement page, please use:

The HistoryMakers is a digital archive of life oral histories relating to the African American experience. Additional information on the project is available at

The HistoryMakers retains high-quality versions of all interviews. See The HistoryMakers main website for more information.

Information pulled from HIstoryMakers' website.