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Our Holdings

This archive contains primarily administrative and institutional records related to the functioning of the University. The bulk of our materials range from 1922 to the present, while our oldest materials date from the mid 1850s.

See also our Collections Subject List (COMING SOON) to browse the collections by area of interest; we also have a substantial body of multimedia resources, which includes both physical and digital photographs, audio recordings and film.

Institutional Records

These collections contain a wide array of materials across a similarly wide array of formats. The Archive is home to: organizational documents, correspondence, reports, events programs, oral histories, CDs, DVDs, slides, photographs, films, and even glass plate negatives. All of these materials can be found within the following subject categories: (Follow the links for more detailed information)

Buildings and Grounds
College / University Events
College / University History
Faculty and Staff
Graduate Programs
Institutional Advancement
Printed Materials, Publicity, Memorabilia and University Ephemera
Student Life

We also have material related to several international programs run or otherwise sponsored by Rosary College / Dominican University. Contact us or stop by for details.

Serial Publications

We also are home to numerous publications associated with the activities of the students of St. Clara, Rosary College and Dominican University, as well as those of the Sinsinawa Dominicans who taught them. Our collections include the following two broad categories:

Institutional Publications
Student Publications

Additionally, a small collection of the journal Social Justice is also held in the Archives.

Graduate Theses

Graduate Theses

We have a small collection of Graduate Theses submitted by students of our program in Villa Schifanoia, Florence, Italy. The theses date from the 1950s up through the mid-1980s, and are primarily concerned with music, architecture, textiles, the arts and European fashion design.

The thesis collection also includes papers submitted to Rosary College in partial fulfillment of the 1967 - 1984 BA / MA History program, though they are fewer in number. There are also a handful of Faculty theses and dissertations drawn primarily from work by the Sinsinawan Sisters. For a more representative collection of such materials please contact the Sinsinawa Dominican Archives.