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The Archives is responsible for identifying, appraising, collecting, organizing, describing, preserving, and making available for research and reference Rosary College and Dominican University records of sufficient historical, legal, fiscal or administrative value to warrant permanent preservation. The Archives seeks to enhance the meaning and substance of University library collections and of all campus activities. The Archives also strives to provide academic support for the activities of those within the University community, and of all who work towards promoting the mission of Dominican University.

The Archives and Special Collections are open to the public and to members within the community.

You can access Dominican University's Digital Collections here.

Our Holdings

Dominican University‘s collections include materials related to the following: University publications, institutional records, architectural plans, foreign programs, student activities, student organizations, graduate programs, graduation ceremonies, marketing campaigns, lectures, and even a collection of civil war materials.

We actively collect all institutional materials except for financial and accounting records.

If you or your department wishes to donate materials to the Dominican University Archives, please feel free to write to us, or give us a call at (708) 524-5929

Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P.
Founder of the 
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters