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Audio Recording

Getting Started

There are so many different ways to record audio for a project at home or on the go--whether you are recording a presentation for class, starting a podcast with friends, or finally recording that bedroom pop concept album about She-Ra you've been thinking about, the Innovation Lab would like to help you make your recordings the best they can be!

Here, we've compiled a number of different tips and resources you can use, as well as services available from the Innovation Lab to get the most out of your recording experience.

Do It Yourself!

Here are some useful resources to help get you started!

  • The Audacity to Podcast - a step by step guide on getting your podcast off the ground.
  • Podcasts in the Classroom - A very helpful Libguide developed by the University of St. Mary exploring effective ways to use podcasts with your students!
  • The Podcast Host - this site is filled with articles and resources for podcasters of all levels.
  • Anchor - Supported by Spotify, Anchor is a hosting and distribution platform with limited editing capabilities, with many articles covering different aspects of podcasting, like this one about Copyright
  • Podcast Insights - Statistics about Podcasts and their listeners, as well as more resources to explore.

These videos offer plenty of advice and guidance while you start your recordings.